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ConfitRémi x Meander 1948

The Meander owner Mark is a foodie and has been a frequent customer of ConfitRémi for more than 10 years. He witnesses ConfitRémi standing up against the test of time and sustains the same yummy taste year after year. The food at ConfitRémi is simple, Italian-influenced, yet full of aroma and attention to detail. The Squid Risotto is delicious and made daily from scratch. A must-try to find out why Mark invited this restaurant personally to partner with Meander 1948. Mark recommends the Squid Risotto, Margherita Pizza, Fried Zucchini and the Iced Earl Grey with Lemon and Honey.

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Wu-Tau Bento Chain

Wu-Tau is the largest bento chain in Taiwan with over 215 branches nationally. Since Taiwan was heavily influenced by Japanese culture, one of the traditions we acquired was the wooden bento box to enjoy on the train. Vegetarian options available, but please note the cooking utensils have processed meat. This bento place is recommended for anyone on the go, or about to board the train .

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Co Tea House (Traditional Herbal Tea)

Chinese has a long-standing science that dates back thousands of years in analyzing the natural properties and efficacies of certain food and herb to maintain health. For example, lotus seeds and Mu Er (a type of fungus) are found to slow down skin aging; bitter herbal tea is used to maintain the “yin” of the body and combat symptoms like canker sore or bad breath, which suggest that the body has too much “yang” (too hot). Meander 1948 would like to share this fun and unique tradition with our foreign guests. The Co Tea House offers cold and hot drink, shaved ice and sweet soup, bound to have something for everyone.

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Fong Kee Kiosk

A very traditional kiosk with local food: oily pork rice, thickened meat soup and Taiwanese-style tempura. Auntie Jian is the boss lady, and is full of energy. She is excited to greet tourists and promotes local Taiwanese flavors. English menu is available.

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Li Ji Soy Milk

Popular traditional Chinese breakfast, with a variety of handmade and fresh items. Must-try include Shanghai fried pork buns, xiao-long- bao (steamed pork dumplings), sticky rice, Chinese omelet and salty soy milk. Master Li and his daughter cook together, filling the small shop with steam and aroma, while maintaining the familiar and good taste for decades.

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