Smoking and vaping are forbidden (including the balcony). NT10,000 fine will be charged per instance. Repeated offense will be reported to government for eviction, with no refund of room fee.

Government subsidizes NT1000 per day for up to 15 days, for details, please refer to In addition, if you are a registered resident of Taipei City staying in a quarantine hotel located in Taipei City, there is additional subsidy of NT500 per day, up to NT7000 (

According to “one person per room rule” issued by Taiwan CECC on May 16th 2021, if you meet the following requirements, you are allowed to stay in the same room with a caregiver:

  • <18 years old
  • ≧65 years old
  • Persons with disabilities
    Catastrophic illness
  • Unable to self-care due to pregnancy (as diagnosed by doctor)
  • Unable to self-care due to injury or disease (as diagnosed by doctor)
  • Other situations as approved by government

If you fulfill any one of the above requirements, please kindly submit proof to the front desk upon reservation. Kindly observe the maximum capacity for each room type upon booking. For each additional guest, a charge of NT1000/day shall apply.

  • No children < 3 years old.
  • Children from 3 to 12 years old need to be accompanied by a parent.
  • For teenager from 13 to 17 years old, if not accompanied by an adult, please provide Parental Consent prior to check-in.

Please choose your preferred room type and leave your personal information via the reservation system on our official website.
You will receive a confirmation email from front desk. Please reply with the following documents:

  • Front or back side of your credit card (Please hide sensitive information and only show us the last 4 digits of the card number as well as the name on the credit card, so we can verify that it is your own card being charged).
  • Photos of your passport
  • Flight information (flight number, arrival date and time, terminal)
    Diet restrictions (if any): vegan, food allergy etc.

Check-in is at 3PM. For early check-in due to morning flights, the fee will be the room fee of the previous date. Please inform the front desk after booking if early check-in is required. The front desk will reserve the room on the system for you if permitted.

  • A. For early check-in before 12PM, the early check-in fee will be the room fee of previous night.
  • B. For early check-in between 12PM to 3PM, the early check-in fee will be 50% fee of previous night.
  • Negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test report issued within 2 days prior to the flight schedule time.
  • From January 4, 2022 (departure date) travelers who arrive at an airport in Taiwan must present a certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test taken within two days (calendar days) prior to the flight schedule time to the airline staff.
  • Fill in “Quarantine System for Entry” within 48 hours prior to arriving in Taiwan:

After entry into Taiwan, please send an E-mail or text to our official LINE account with your “COVID-19 Health Declaration and Home Quarantine Notice”.
Please notify our front desk 10 minutes prior to arriving to Meander 1948.

Free cancellation due to uncontrollable factors such as flight cancellation, denied boarding due to a positive COVID-19 RT-PCR report or denied entry due to visa (evidence required).

For new policies announced by government, adjustments or cancellations will be free of charge within 7 days of issuance.

  • 7 days prior to check-in date: free cancellation.
  • 3 days prior to check-in date: 50% refund of total rooms fees.
  • No change available within three days of check in.

Ex: Jan 9th Check-in, free cancellation available until Jan 1st 23:59.

After check-in, if a guest has to be transferred to hospital or higher security quarantine, the room will need to be sterilized for three days (not including check-out date) prior to the next customer. As such, refunds will be provided for the days remaining after deducting for the room fees incurred plus three room nights after check out.
Smoking and vaping are forbidden (including the balcony). NT10,000 fine will be charged per instance. Repeated offense will be reported to government for eviction, with no refund of room fee.

Besides the towel and bedding available in the room, we offer 1 set of extra bedding and up to 4 towels upon request. We also provide complimentary water (24 bottles of 600mL each), shampoo/shower gel, hand soap, trash bags, toilet paper, tissue, toothbrush, toothpaste, dust-removing paper, reusable utensils, electric kettle and mini fridge.

Meander is an environmentally friendly hostel and invites guests to consume in moderation.

Breakfast 7AM-8AM, Lunch 11AM-12PM, Dinner 5PM-6PM

Yes, there are two types of room rates: with and without meals.

NT$ 250 discount per night when choose without meals.

Please ensure payment prior to food/package delivery. In an effort to reduce human contact, front desk is unable to pay on your behalf.
Please ask the delivery company/ family or friends to label the items with your full name and room number.
Upon delivery, please call our front desk, and leave the items at the wooden table outside front door.
Front desk only provide delivery service in the following time slots: 7-8AM, 12-1PM, 5-6PM, 7-9PM.

According to Taiwan CECC, visitors are not allowed during home quarantine. Please utilize our Wifi to video call your family or friends instead.

According to Taiwan CECC, hotel staff is not allowed to enter guest room. Basic cleaning tools will be provided for simple upkeeping of the room.

According to Taiwan CECC, laundry delivery service is not allowed during home quarantine. Complimentary powder laundry detergent and hangers will be provided instead.

E-receipt and Certificate of Hotel Stay will be issued and put on the table outside of your room prior to check out

You will be required to provide a valid credit card when booking. The room fee will be deducted from this card. Upon check-in, we will also hold NT$10,000 as deposit by doing “pre-authorization”. It will be cancelled 5 days after you check out if no issues in your room.